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With more than 150 years of heritage, BFGoodrich Tires is dedicated to providing high-performance tires for those passionate about driving in virtually any environment. And this passion comes with a mission to respect our environment.

It is the first time the brand is associating itself with CSR. Our commitment to CSR and sustainability will continue with further initiatives as we commit to a sustainable and responsible future and continue communicating via our online and offline communication.

Young people are leading significant changes in the world around them, and we are honored to add our contribution.

Our Initiatives: 


BFGoodrich Teams game-up for Dakar 2023 in partnership with  Filipinos for the Saudi Green Initiative. We are very proud to support the desert cleaning drive to boost the very first environmental sustainability initiative. 

You, too, can become a volunteer. Join us on 9th January 2023 at Awal Plaza, Riyadh. 

Our on-ground team at Dakar 2023 will ensure that all the used BFGoodrich tires and trash from the race are disposed of mannerly and that we leave behind a clean desert. 

Date: Jan 9th (Rest day for the race)

Location: Riyadh

2023 Dakar Rally Desert Cleanup

BFG road safety video Feb 16

Dakar 2023 highlights video

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BFGoodrich is fully committed to road accident prevention efforts. That’s why we raise awareness of best practices in road safety among policymakers and populations.

We are all responsible for making the right choices and leading the younger generation.  Young people are the cornerstone of our society and are the ones in charge of building a legacy. For this reason, sharing knowledge and expertise with today’s youth is a rising need. We aim to communicate to young drivers on the key elements of road safety.

In association with Dakar 2023, ASO and influencers, we have partnered with selected universities to educate and increase awareness among the younger generation via the University Road Shows.  We aim to deploy a road safety aspect of both on-road and off-road to educate new drivers & drivers to be, create awareness, and generate a change in their driving behavior.

Global partnerships with several organizations:
i) The United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC).

ii) The Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP).
iii) The FIA High-Level Panel for Road Safety and Youth for Road Safety (YOURS) - An ambition that addresses the UN sustainable development goals.

Physical initiative in 1 key country universities:
i)  Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Dammam (PMU)

Date: TBC

Our Key Communication:

i) Seat Belt: 
Always adjust your seat so you can easily reach your dashboard, wear your safety belt, and keep your thumbs out of your steering wheel while driving.

ii) Right Equipment: 
Bring the right equipment: tire deflator, air compressor, flag and pole, spare tyre in good condition, repair kit and pump. Ensure you have a full tank of petrol and more water. Recovery rope and soft shackles in case of emergency.

iii) During Long Drives: 
Always go with at least one other car.

iv) Tire Pressure:
Adapt your tire pressure based on the ground – for soft grounds like sand @15PSI, for hard grounds (rocks and stones) @22 PSI, the softer the sand, the lower pressure you need in your tire.

v) Resistance:
Choose the path of least resistance. If you feel the car is pulling down, don’t fight it. Remember, do not fight gravity. Always respect verticals. 


In partnership with Dakar, BFGoodrich is back with the e-Game, an online experience for all off-road enthusiasts. Our key message in the game is “stay safe on and off-road” and the objective is to educate and spread awareness amongst the younger generation with the help of the online gaming platform.

10th January to 31st January, 2023

i) Click on the link to participate -  https://dakar-safety-game.bfgoodrich.com/en.
ii) Play the game
iii) Fill out the form and submit your details.

i) 3 Winners win an exclusive BFGoodrich car-mounted camping tent.  
ii) Other: 20 winners win the BFGoodrich goodies.




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